Three nostrils and 1% milk.

February 11, 2010

I love this one.  Nobody I showed it to was overly excited about it, but I think it is probably my favorite so far.

I thought about two things when I was drawing this picture.

Firstly, it’s interesting that milk is not a typical liquid.  It is actually a special type of solution called a colloid.  Colloids are mixtures where one material is dispersed uniformly throughout the second material.  In the case of milk, butterfat globules are the substance that is dispersed evenly throughout the mostly water liquid.  This is virtually the only thing I remember from the four years I spent earning a BS in Biology, so I feel it is important to pass along.

Secondly, drawing a milk jug is hard.



  1. I like the man with three nostrils too!

  2. I like 1% milk

    • Actually, so do I. It’s all we buy these days.

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