Overdressed penguins and serial killer bees.

February 22, 2010

He may be overdressed, but he never worries about what to wear.  Recently it came to light at work that I wear the same 5 sets of clothes each week.  I have a Monday outfit, Tuesday outfit, etc… Before you judge how repetitive or strange this might be, know this:

It took 6 months before anyone noticed.

While I have taken some good natured ribbing from coworkers, obviously my weekly wardrobe routine was not as socially awkward as one might have thought.  Besides, Einstein wore the exact same outfit every day.  Obviously, I’m just a borderline genius.

This is my best attempt at a unibomber-ish insect.



  1. […] This is a variation of a cartoon I posted a couple months ago.  If you want to see the original cartoon click here. […]

  2. I was just going through your doodles again… super like this one…

    • Thanks! This is one that actually made me chuckle when I drew it.

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