An enormous shrimp and retro stuff.

March 1, 2010

This drawing is in the same vein as the petite elephant posted prior.

Our family’s first cellphone was a Motorola that looked just like this one.  My father commuted an hour each way on a disreputable Alaskan highway.  The cellphone provided everyone some peace of mind when he was an hour or two late due to an accident closing the roads in winter.

It was a fairly early cellphone so it was roughly the same size as the one in the picture above.  I’m sure it was also about as safe as strapping a leaky microwave to the side of one’s head.



  1. Hello! Your shrimp draw is adorable.
    I was searching a draw of one shrimp to do a design for my website and I really loved yours. Could I use it for? I’m brazilian and the name of the site is “ocamarao”, that means theshrimp.

    The site belongs to me and a friend and will be a space for research, recipes, philosophical debates, film and other stuffs. Could I? I give due credit to you.

    • Absolutely! You have my blessing to use my drawing. Thanks for letting me know.
      I would love to see your site – please leave me a link when you have a chance. 🙂


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