Polka dots and a thrift store shirt.

March 2, 2010

I am so, so, very sorry for this one.  In case you can’t tell, those are dots wearing lederhosen and funny hats while playing accordions.  I drew it so I must post it.  Keep moving, the next one it better.

I am very frightened of thrift stores.  It’s not the old clothes.  It’s not the velvet paintings or the wooden dishes.

It’s the germs.

I am a “germaphobe.”  I freely admit this.  I am not a tissue-boxes-instead-of-shoes germaphobe of the Howard Hughes variety.  I am just very aware of washing my hands, breathing through my nose, and not touching things that might be horribly dirty and covered with germs (i.e. anything in a thrift store).  It could be that everything is washed before it is put on the racks, but looking at the clothes at our local thrift store – I don’t think so.



  1. LOL @ the thrift store. I feel the same way about fabric stores. They seem so drab and the fluorescent lights make me crazy.

    • ha! I can’t say I’ve been in too many fabric stores, but now I know to avoid them.

  2. But as a scientist I think it’s funny to equate “old, dusty, musty, or even dirty” with “germy.” The most germy place to be is the ostentatiously clean hospital or doctor’s office. That’s why in many parts of the world, mothers don’t go to regular hopital to give birth…

    • This is true, but I am also scared of hospitals. I don’t touch ANYTHING at a doctor’s office or a hospital. It makes me feel ill when I see people reading the magazines in the waiting rooms.

  3. […] ago, I wrote about my dislike of thrift stores.  I have similar feelings regarding garage […]

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