Now it’s ultimate frisbee.

April 5, 2010

The term “ultimate frisbee” is a misnomer.  Adding an exciting descriptor doesn’t really make a sport any more impressive.  If it did, everyone would be playing extreme horseshoes and ultra bocce.


  1. Bwa ha ha ha ha

    • Hey Hanni!
      Did you know you laugh like a supervillain?

  2. hi. can i use your image please?

    • You may (as long as you are not selling it).
      Please give credit. I would also enjoy seeing wherever you use it if you will show/send/link where it is being used – I always get a kick out of seeing my drawings popping up elsewhere.
      If you don’t want to post anything here, feel free to email me at:

  3. Get over yourself. Ultimate frisbee is one of the toughest sports out there, so it deserves an awesome name, even if little post-it-note-drawers think it’s a misnomer. Draw a picture of yourself and label it “No Life”.

    • Ouch.
      Thanks for the comment(sort of). If you think ultimate frisbee is the toughest sport around, you obviously haven’t tried ultra bocce.

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