Who says their mouths are cleaner than ours?

June 9, 2010

Every time I see our dogs licking our older daughter’s face, I can’t help thinking where that tongue has been before.

By the way, for anyone who believes the old wives tale about the cleanliness of dog’s mouths, here is a link supporting germaphobes everywhere.  My favorite quote is, “The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says about dogs that: To best protect yourself from getting sick, thoroughly wash your hands with running water and soap after contact with dogs, dog saliva, or dog feces (stool).”



  1. good stuff, I like the site

    Mike Boozer, http://somebodyhadtosayit.com

  2. Thanks!

  3. Hilarious!!! I’m guffawing at my desk. Thank you for the much needed laugh.

  4. I’ll admit I thought this was a turkey for a minute and was fairly confused.

    • So did my wife. I guess I need to draw draw dogs more often or not at all.

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