Less-than-majestic pine.

June 10, 2010

In Alaska, nearly all the pine trees (spruce, actually) are less-than-majestic.  This makes finding a Christmas tree a little tricky.  One year, my older brother and I were put in charge of bringing home the tree.  Because we were fairly young and completely stupid, this wasn’t the best chore for us.  We wandered around for quite some time finding nothing but scraggly ones.  When we stopped to rest we finally spotted the most picturesque 15 feet of potential Christmas tree you could imagine.

It was sitting at the very tiptop of a 120 foot tree.

The problem was we didn’t need the bottom 105 feet, but we couldn’t climb high enough to remove the top.  Our solution was to simply cut the whole thing down.  When it came crashing down, we were shocked to find that the top of that giant tree was actually just as scraggly as it’s smaller counterparts.  We were very disappointed.

Until we saw the full and beautiful top of the 150 foot monster nearby…

Please don’t ask me how many times we did this before finding a suitable Christmas tree.  I guarantee you wouldn’t like the answer.


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