The bantam of the opera.

September 21, 2010

About 8 years ago I had the chance to help someone who was raising chickens from eggs.  I was present at the hatching of one of the baby chicks.  When it emerged from the egg, I had to remove it from the group because it was unable to use one leg and was thus a target of the other, stronger chicks.  I decided to see if it could survive with a little extra attention and care.

It didn’t just survive – it thrived.  As it grew, it’s leg strengthened.  More amazingly, it turned out this little chick was quite clever.  In fact, I was able to teach it several tricks.  It would come when called, sit and stay, and even play dead (lay on it’s back until I tapped it’s belly).  Not bad for a chicken, eh?


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  1. hahahaha! what the…

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