He stubbornly insisted his computer was a laptop.

October 1, 2010

My brother is an artist, a student, and an all-round great guy.  He also experiences autism.  One result of this fact is that he can be resistant to change.  Recently his computer died.  It was a hardware failure that affected several components.  I could have fixed it, but the computer was already fairly old so I thought  it would be a good time for a new machine.

My brother did not.

With some time and effort, I convinced him that a new computer would be the best choice.  He spent time picking out a system with all the features and abilities he was interested in.  The end result was that my brother is the proud new owner of a very snazzy laptop.

The next step?  Now I’m working on convincing him he can use it somewhere besides the computer desk.


  1. hehe…. this is funny… old habits die hard.

    • Harder with some than others.
      We still haven’t gotten the “laptop” off the “desktop”…

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