Sometimes it’s not “thinking outside the box.”

October 18, 2010

“Thinking outside the box,” is one of those phrases that I’m a little tired of hearing.  I have a question for any non-American visitors:  is the phrase used in your country?

On another note – no, I don’t feel badly for posting such a lame picture.  🙂



  1. …agyamat sem rangatni…

    • Is this Hungarian?

      • ‘Ez’ az ebyhal amerikai?

    • Es nem tapsolni az agyam folott sem.

      • Okay – Hungarian is my best guess and Google translates this phrase as “And no clapping above his bed either.”


  2. That is exactly how Rion plays tic-tac-toe. He cheats. 🙂

    • Thank you for your help, finally teamed up with the picture, which is pretty black sikereült.

    • He must get it from Tim. 🙂

      • O csak 1 FANtom.

  3. Yes its used here too, its become more common recently. It’s more likely to be used by media speak and boardroom bores.

    • Interesting. It’s been used here in the states for a number of years now. However it seems that the the same types of people use it in both countries.

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