Cavemen also went clubbing on the weekend.

October 21, 2010

Unlike celebrities and other popular people – I do not go clubbing on the weekend.  Flashing lights, large crowds, and loud noise pretty much describe the things in life I try hardest to avoid.



  1. ha ha! Its no good for the old tinnitus!

    • I get enough loud noise from my kids!

  2. Mmmm standing around with music bought by 12 year-olds blasting in your ears unable to talk to anyone whilst drinking fizzy watered beer out of plastic glass at £10 a pint…..

    • Wow. That’s close to $16 for a drink. Clubbing is for young, rich people…

  3. I’m not for [violence] (cave or otherwise) but I am for humor so this was a “hit.”

    …get it?

    • Just for the record – I was thinking of this caveman clubbing animals while hunting or something.

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