She finally decided it was time to see a dentist.

November 29, 2010

Tomorrow my wife is going to see an oral surgeon.  She has been experiencing pain in her mouth over the past month.  It began as a mysterious pain, but after only a few days we discovered the source of the pain.

A bone erupted from the inside of her lower left-hand gum.

Our dentist told her that it must have been a fragment that had been left behind during the extraction of the wisdom tooth that once lived in that general area.  We were surprised.  Especially considering that the tooth in question was removed almost 15 years ago.

However, the fragment was removed easily and we were satisfied.

Until it happened again.

We were no longer satisfied.

After another visit to the dentist, he referred my wife to an oral surgeon.  His new hypothesis is that she has a jagged piece of bone growing out from her jaw.  The first fragment was only a small piece of the larger, attached growth.

In other words, my wife is growing a tusk.

***UPDATE*** My wife complained that I drew her wearing dorky clothes.  I am writing this to assure everyone that the picture above is obviously not my wife.

She only has one tusk.



  1. You must have cold food for dinner for awhile, your blog is killing me:)

    • Nah, my wife has a great sense of humor!

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