Hair extension cords.

December 6, 2010

Looking at this drawing, I am completely distracted by the color.  As you can see it is a quite different shade of yellow when compared to the other drawings.  I accidently used an off-brand pad of sticky notes from someone else’s desk.

There’s no yellow like © 3M © Post-It Brand Products © Canary Yellow (yes, even the color is copyrighted).



  1. We use some off-brand post it note in our office supplies. They are closer to a full yellow and honestly a bit hard on the eyes.

  2. We have some of those too. Also, some bright green and fairly dark pink – they are really hard to read small notes on. Long live © Canary Yellow!

  3. I have ghastly pink sticky notes. Why, I’m not sure. The cheap ones don’t stick to anything but themselves, so they are ideal for making fat Mobius loops (you never know when they’ll come in handy). Why don’t they come in plain white? One of life’s perplexing mysteries.

    • Hey! Why DON’T they sell them in white?! I never even questioned it…

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