Doctopus: the one man surgical team.

January 14, 2011

This guy would spend a fortune on hand sanitizer…



  1. *laugh* But I imagine he gets all the ladies!

    • Ha! Well, he’s probably the only guy around who could actually multitask. That alone makes him a keeper.

      • I would imagine he doesn’t get too many ladies. Since he has four times as many armpits as the average person, I’d imagine he doesn’t smell too pleasant.

      • Good point. I hadn’t considered the armpit-to-individual ratio.

  2. It’s true that a picture is worth (at least) a thousand words! I really enjoy this kind of humour (sorry, humor).

    • Thanks!

  3. Armpits?
    I’m sure on four times the salary he could find someone to resolve the problem.

    My fear for him would be that when he stroked his chin whilst thinking he might dislocate his jaw with eight hands fighting for the role . . .

    • Ha!

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