This universal remote lives up to its name.

January 19, 2011

Our family didn’t have a TV that used a remote control until I was in sixth grade.  Before that, we actually had to get up and turn the dial to change the channel.  Luckily, we didn’t have to do it very often because our antenna only picked up three stations.


  1. Can you buy these? 😉 Because you should be able to, Fab!

    • Ha. From some of the drawings I’ve seen on your blog, your kids would probably love one!

  2. ha. aloha and like your humor. – i mean. i like your humor. sense of humor that is. and drawings too. bwahahahahaha – you didnt have a remote for your tv until you were in 6th grade? bwahahahahaha. yeah. until i was in the the 6th grade we didnt have a tv. we did get one when i was in 6th grade tho. it was great. 3 stations – 2 didnt come in well but no matter, they werent on the air more than a few hours at a time anyway. and yeah. it was black and white.

    btw – i think your child has the right idea, i need that kind of distance perspective sometimes too. …altho those trinoculars might help meditation and looking in the wrong end of binoculars is just a way lot easier than looking in the tiny end – yeah, smart kid. musta been an adult that built ‘noculars that way. sheesh. aloha.

    • Well, I certainly have days where I wish I could just push the Saturn button. 🙂

      • ha!

    • Maybe she does have the right idea…

  3. Here’s a look at a universal remote –

    • This guy is funny. There is coarse language though! Sorry if anyone finds it offensive.

  4. Love this. =]

    • Thank you!!

  5. So clever! Which one is the smite button?

    • Ha Ha! You win the prize for the best comment (or you would if there was a prize for the best comment)!

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