I’m (sort of) famous!

January 28, 2011

I guess the big news of the day is that I was freshly pressed by wordpress yesterday!

… actually, I guess that makes it the big news of yesterday…

Anyway, I was shocked/amazed/unable-to-believe that one of my own little sticky note drawings was sitting on the wordpress homepage.  What a trip!

My wife was almost as excited as I was.  She immediately sat to to email her brother.  When I looked over her shoulder I read:

“Guess who was just freshly squeezed on wordspot!”

It’s nice to know she’s paying attention.


  1. I guess that makes me famous too, as my “freshly squeezed (blog)on wordspot!” is just to the right of yours…

    It is quite a wild ride for 24 hours.

    • It really is! Congratulations to you also on being freshly pressed!

      • You guys are my role models 🙂 It’s my dream to become FP’d for one day, someday.

        Until then, I can just enjoy your cute sticky-note art =D

      • Thanks! I’ve got to say, I am pretty honored that the editors chose one of my posts.

  2. 😀 gratz!

    • Thanks!

  3. I love finding new blog subscriptions through the Freshly Pressed page…I’m eager to see what other drawings and humorous anecdotes you have up your sleeve!

    • Thank you (the pressure is on now). 🙂

  4. Congrats! And you’re right. The pressure is on now…lol 🙂 After being freshly pressed, I felt like everyone was watching me. Even when I got on the computer. 🙂 Have fun with it!

    • Yeah, there is a much bigger audience now!

  5. congrats on being freshly squeezed

    • Thanks!!

  6. Congratulations!

    • Thank you!!

  7. Do they notify you if it is? My website stats suddenly spiked over two days and I wonder if that is why? Is there a list of who has been ‘squeezed’?


    • They will indeed email you. If you were, it should be a pretty big spike – in the thousands (per day). All the “Freshly Pressed” pages are posted on http://www.wordpress.com

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