Bucktoothed vampires lack street cred.

February 7, 2011

The whole high-collar-and-cape-look isn’t helping improve his tough guy image either…



  1. LOL.

    Still, I prefer the Dracula look over the whole Twilight-sexy-pale-guy stereotype.

    Maybe he just needs a giant $ on his cape chain.

    • At the risk of offending/alienating everyone else who visits, I don’t understand the Twilight hype.

      At all.

      But I think you are right about the dollar sign on his chain. Ha!

      • Offending?

        Edward has less street cred than your post-it vamp, and he is plastered onto the windows of McDonalds!

        Saying a Twilight star is a good representation of the vampire race is like saying Justin Bieber is a good representation of every singer on Earth.

      • Ha ha!

  2. Count von Count (Sesame Street – the vampire that counted) was my favorite character. Your sketch reminds me of him.

    • Ha! Yeah, I think it might be the monocle in particular.

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