Founding member of the nair club for men.

February 23, 2011

I don’t like shaving.

It must be done daily, it takes too long, nicks and cuts occur far too often, etc, etc, etc.  So why do I shave, you ask?

I really don’t like beards.


  1. I’m actually surprised men haven’t come up with a better way to rid themselves of beards. My husband also absolutely hates shaving and beards equally. Too bad, I love ’em!

    PS I love the shiny head!

    • I agree – I can’t believe our options are still to grow it or scrape it off with something sharp.

      Thanks for the compliment on the shiny head – I wasn’t sure if the actual “shine spot” looked too good. It looks too much like a semicolon to me.

  2. I actually hadn’t noticed that! But, of course, now all I can see is a semicolon.

    • Note to self – don’t point out flaws in drawings to others…

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