The IRS is going viral.

April 17, 2011

Every year millions of people across the country dread the confusing paperwork, looming deadlines, and possible financial stress of tax season.  For our family there is one silver lining to the whole process.

The IRS makes us laugh.

For some unknown reason, someone at the IRS made a mistake typing the name of my wife a few years ago.  I can understand how one mistake was made.  No biggie.  Mistakes happen all the time.  However, what I cannot understand is how (despite our repeated attempts to correct the error) the misspelling has continued to follow her for seven consecutive years.  

When I said above that the IRS makes us laugh, I didn’t mean that we are laughing at the bureaucratic resistance to corrections.  No.  We laugh because of the ridiculous name they have given my wife.


Seriously.  I’m not making this up.


The name of the most widely known viral hemorrhagic fever on the planet.  We try each year to correct the problem, but the Internal Revenue Service stubbornly insists that my wife’s name is Ebola.  Not exactly a shining endorsement of competency for the agency that handles trillions of dollars every year.

At least they’re good for a laugh.



  1. I’m curious if they’d ever try to audit an “Ebola”. If I worked for the IRS and they told me I had to go visit an Ebola, I’d quit on the spot.

    • If they did try to audit “Ebola,” I guess we could just say that we have no idea who that is. It would be true, too.

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