Illegitimate children of the silverware drawer.

April 22, 2011

Sporks are a terrible invention.

Despite it’s promising appearance, it lacks either long enough tines for holding solids or a deep enough scoop for retaining liquids.  In fact, I think Darwin first developed the idea of natural selection after a particularly bad experience involving a spork.



  1. So true…and cute.

    • Thanks!
      I guess they are kind of cute (even if they are useless).

  2. funny observation – nice execution

    • Thank you. Turns out that drawing a spork was actually kind of challenging. For me at least.

  3. That’s interesting. It’s odd how sometimes it’s hard to draw what on the surface looks like an easy enough thing.

    ps I like your blog.

    • It is interesting. I wanted to do this cartoon on that day because I wasn’t feeling very well. Maybe that was why it was so difficult…


  4. pps that was me forgot to sign in though. d’uh

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