Obviously, he’s all talk.

May 6, 2011

Our younger daughter is now 14 months old.  So far, she appears to have very little interest in talking.  She can say “Mama” and “Da-da.”  Sometimes she even surprises us with “no.”

Usually she just shrieks.

If she is happy, she shrieks.  If she is frustrated, she shrieks.  If she is excited, she shrieks.  What is strangest of all is that it is the exact same shriek in every situation.  No matter what she wants/needs/is trying to express, she uses the same noisy nonsense.

I’m thinking she has a future in politics.



  1. Don’t worry, enjoy the shrieks. She’ll probably come out with a huge sentence in a few months time and shock you! Apparently I didn’t utter a word until I turned two.
    I have never been quiet since….

  2. Thanks for the positive words. Here we are – a few months later and the shrieking has died down a bit.

    Instead she just grunts…

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