Featherless turkeys, the next step in…

June 24, 2011

While in the checkout line at the grocery store, I noticed some interesting looking suckers.  They were mounted on a large plastic handle with a large red button.  Naturally, I pressed the button.  The result was the the sucker slowly and continuously spun.

Why?  Apparently licking suckers takes too much effort.

I humbly submit that “spinning suckers” (along with dogs in clothes) are what is wrong with America.



  1. Now that is some laziness right there!! Also, I fear your featherless turkey idea could take off any day now!

    • You may be right about the turkeys – we can’t seem to ever let nature be…

  2. I’ve seen those spinny pops too, ridiculous. Featherless turkey: hysterical!

    • I was curious if anyone else had ever seen them.

  3. I remember watching a show where they found a chemical that they could give to sheep that would make it so you could pull the wool off by hand. Apparently this never took off.

    • That doesn’t sound safe AT ALL. It couldn’t have been healthy for anyone involved (especially the sheep).

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