Don’t hate him just because he’s…

July 25, 2011

Before anything else, I should say that this is my 200th post on wordpress (hooray!).

Secondly, this past Saturday saw a new record in the number of page views for a single day: 3,252 (which beats the previous record of 3,147).  This was largely due to the fact that one of my older cartoons started making the rounds on Tumblr.

Additionally, after poking around Tumbler a bit, I found that about TWELVE THOUSAND different people have gone one step further and reblogged the image on their own Tumblr page in the past three days.


You may be wondering which cartoon it was?  What was the subject that provided such a common point of interest in such a large number of people?

Broccoli of course.



  1. Awesome! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! Awesome work!

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