Beware of prolonged exposure to PBS.

July 27, 2011

When we were first married, my wife and I lived in an area where we received only three TV stations:  ABC, Telemundo, and PBS.  Since ABC had a very fuzzy picture and neither of us speak fluent Spanish, PBS became our go-to station.  We spent the next several years watching nothing but shows like Masterpiece Theater, Mystery, and Antiques Roadshow.  We were never upset about it, but I can remember wishing that we at least had a few more options.

Now we live in a house where we get 100’s of cable channels.  Not only that, we can digitally record any program to watch at a more convenient time.  With all these choices, guess what fills up our DVR?

Masterpiece Theater, Mystery, and the occasional Antiques Roadshow


  1. Always the classics eh?

    • Yes, indeed. Basically, we like to watch what would have been new on BBC last year. 🙂

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