He was a head taller than anyone else…

August 10, 2011

Yesterday, my wife and both girls accompanied me to the barber.  While I was in the chair, an elderly gentleman entered the shop and began browsing the magazines while he waited.  My four-year-old daughter watched him closely for several minutes before making the following announcement to everyone in the shop:

“He doesn’t need a haircut.  He doesn’t have any hair.”

I was so surprised/shocked that I didn’t say anything.  My wife seemed similarly paralyzed.  My daughter apparently saw our speechlessness and decided we must need clarification.

“He’s bald,” she added.

I think it’s how we respond in moments like these that show our true parenting skills.  Should I correct her for being unknowingly rude?  Should I explain how the barber shop is a social setting as well as a place of business?  Should I tell her to sit quietly with no explanation whatsoever?

I opted for none of the above.

I stared at the wall and pretended they were all somebody else’s family.



  1. lol. kids say the funniest things 🙂

    • If only they would save those funny things for the privacy of our own homes…

  2. Your header picture is really great! I really like the idea.. I’m gonna keep checking out your posts!

    • Thanks for the kind words! I hope you continue to enjoy the pics and posts.

  3. When my oldest son was little, he loved big trucks. The only problem was, he couldn’t pronounce the “tr”. So, whenever a truck would go by, he would look up at me, and yell at the top of his lungs “fffffuck mommy, fffffuck!!!” When there were people around, I also pretended he wasn’t mine and would say, “Come one kiddo, let’s go find your mom”.

    • Yeah, the /th/ and /f/ sounds can be pretty dangerous when mixed by little ones!

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