This guru has 20/20/20 vision.

September 23, 2011

The internet is full of information.

Last year, a co-worker was describing a man that I was unsure if I had met or not.  I suggested we try a Google search.  It was impressive.  By simply searching for the man’s name and the small town we live in, we immediately found all kinds of information.  We found a page that described his status as a guru.  We found a page that listed his credentials as a yoga instructor.  The more links we clicked, the more information we learned.  Then it happened.

We found a page detailing this same man’s colon cleansing techniques.


The internet is full of too much information.



  1. Haha, eye get it!

    • Ha! Matching me pun for pun, eh?

  2. What exactly is a coworker?
    Do you work in an environment of bovine equality?
    Yours pedantically,

    • Coworker changed to co-worker.
      Although the phrase “environment of bovine equality” might stick with me for a while…

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