October 5, 2011

About four years ago we decided to buy our first Apple computer.  Before that I had always been a diehard “PC” type.  Why?  I could upgrade as time passed.  I could swap out malfunctioning parts.  I could root out and destroy all (most of) the viruses that infected it.  I could generally troubleshoot any problems I ever had with my PC systems.  To me, Apple seemed like a total waste of money.  Then something happened – we decided to go wireless in our house.

It.  Was.  A.  Nightmare.

It was difficult to set up, connections between the router and the computer were dropped constantly, and nothing ever seemed to work properly.  I became so frustrated with the whole setup that I was ready to try anything.

Even an Apple.

I quickly found that I had been right about Macs.  I couldn’t upgrade anything, I wasn’t sure how to swap broken parts, and I didn’t even know how to solve any software problems. But it didn’t really matter.

Because nothing ever went wrong.  Ever.

Thank you Mr. Jobs (and countless other Apple employees) for making my life a little less frustrating.



  1. That’s it. I’m going Mac.

    Nice post.

    • I don’t think you would regret it… I haven’t. 🙂

  2. J reblogged this on ThisIsJeveryday.

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