Sometimes it’s on sale for a reason.

November 2, 2011

I am currently reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with our five year-old.  A few nights ago we read a chapter that introduced a creatures known as “kalidahs.”  They are described in the text as part tiger and part bear.  When we were done reading my daughter continued talking about kalidahs while I tucked her in and turned out the lights.

Her:  “Kalidahs are 1/2 bear and 1/2 tiger.”

Me:  “That’s right.”

Her:  “Centaurs are 1/2 horse and 1/2 man.”  (from the Narnia books)

Me:  “True.”

Her:  “Fawns are 1/2 man and 1/2 goat.”  (Again, from Narnia)

Me:  “Mmm-hmm.”

Her:  “Goats are 1/2 goat and… [long pause] 1/2 more goat.”

Me:  … [silently sneaking out because I have no idea what to say]


One comment

  1. lol half more goat!!

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