Would holy smokes be subject to a sin tax?

January 9, 2012

Cigarettes are everywhere.  I see people smoking them outside stores, used butts on the ground, and rows of them for sale at the gas station.  However, I realized today that I actually have had very little to do with cigarettes.  Despite seeing them everywhere, I couldn’t draw one with any degree of believability.  I finally had to do a quick Google image search to see what the dimensions of a cigarette would be.  Even after looking at several different photos I still had to sketch it about half a dozen times before it looked even semi-realistic.

Who knew NOT smoking would cause me problems?



  1. I love the way you play around with syntax! *groan* I used to roll my own ciggies, but have been smoke-free for many years now.

    • I think this pun is actually pretty good.
      Not sure if I should admit it…

  2. haha 🙂 yeah, how would it be.. without cigs? I love the image. Anyway, cigs are NOT that sinful.. I think

    • “Cigs” sounds so much cuter then cigarettes…

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