The cost of extra socks outweighs the…

January 14, 2012

This week I realized something about myself.

As I get older my socks are getting longer.

When I was a teenager, I wore those really short running socks that are virtually invisible when wearing shoes.  In college, I preferred slightly longer ankle socks.  In my mid-to-late-twenties it was crew socks.  Currently, I wear mid-calf hiking socks that are dressy enough to match my daily shirt and slacks outfits.

If I’m not careful, I may find my eighty year-old self staring at a drawer full of Renaissance-style tights.


  1. …and another ‘Bavarian Boy’ is born!

    • Sadly… yes.
      If anyone is curious, this is a reference to a post from about 2 years ago which you can view here.

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