In later life he was known as Paunchy Villa.

January 25, 2012

This marks my 250th post here on WordPress!  It has also been almost exactly two years since I first began this blog.  Here are the last two years and 250 posts worth of blog stats:

  • 1            time “Freshly Pressed”
  • 82         different visitor countries of origin
  • 275       cartoons have been shared
  • 765       comments have been left
  • 824       individuals have subscribed
  • 3,252    visitors came on the busiest day
  • 46,981  reposts/likes on Tumblr for my broccoli cartoon

Thank you to everyone who has (and continues to) visit, comment, and generally boost my ego.


  1. Congrats, those are fantastic stats!

  2. Nice stats (I’m secretly jealous), but you obviously deserve it. The drawings speak for themselves.
    PS. Ever tried pink, blue or green post it notes?

    • Thanks for the kind words.
      I tried the pink and blue at one point, but the colors were just obnoxious.

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