He didn’t need braces, he needed flying buttresses.

March 19, 2012

Humor is an evolving and ever changing form of entertainment.  Most comedians, authors, and artists continually push the boundaries of taste and comfort to redefine what “funny” is.

Here, I give you a Gothic architecture gag.

It’s lonely here at the cutting edge, but somebody has to keep things fresh and hip.



  1. It’s funny. Partly so because the term ‘flying buttress’ is funny all by itself. I wonder if they chuckled when they said it back in the 14th century.

    • I hope so. They probably needed something to laugh about after that whole plague thing…

  2. Baha! I love flying buttresses!

    • Ha! That’s not a phrase you hear very often…

  3. Came home from an Art History class about Gothic architecture to find this. You made my night.

    • Those Art History classes can be interesting. I remember taking one and it was a soft class – very easy. When my now wife took it, she had a different professor and it was terrible. She only ever had two B’s during her BS in Molecular Biology. One was an advanced physics class and one was Art History. She still gets steamed about it…

  4. Reminds me of the night brace I had to wear as teenage. Ah, the things we do to achieve the perfect smile. 🙂

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