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Sometimes even simple tasks can be frustrating.

April 26, 2012

You may have noticed that the posts haven’t been as regular as normal.  This is due to difficulties with my wife’s pregnancy.  With each of her pregnancies she has suffered from increasingly severe hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme and persistent nausea/vomiting).  While my poor wife has been confined to her bed, I have been a full-time Daddy AND Mommy. The statement in the cartoon above sums up how everyone in our house has felt at one time or another during this ordeal. After four weeks in and out of the hospital for IV fluids and repeated attempts to find a combination of meds that can help control the symptoms – things are finally getting better.

With some luck, one day soon she will only be somewhat miserable.



April 18, 2012

I received an email about two weeks ago from a gentleman named Michael.   The message read:

“I hope you enjoy this! This is my first tattoo.  – Michael”

Wow!  I ‘m completely honored and flattered that someone would like one of these little drawings enough to have it permanently printed on their body.

However, Michael isn’t just anybody… he’s a bona fide rockstar!  His band, The Handsome Scoundrels have just released their first album.  If you have a few minutes, cruise over to their bandcamp page and take a listen.  If you live close enough to attend a live show – make him take off his shirt and flex.

Here is the original drawing:


The surprise party proved a bit too successful.

April 11, 2012

I looked exactly like this when my wife told me she was pregnant last week.

Well, not exactly.

…I have shorter hair.


I should probably add that I was smiling too (this pregnancy was completely unexpected – but not unwanted).

The eyeball thing is still pretty accurate, though.