None-of-your-business card.

December 4, 2012

none of your business card

Our children are usually well behaved.


However, as all kids do, they have a moment now and then where they aren’t exactly at their best.  With all the recent hubbub of a new baby in the house, our 2-year-old (Emma) has needed a little extra attention from her Mama and I.  Nobody else will do when she is in a cranky mood.

One night a few weeks ago, when her Grandma – my mother – was trying to sooth a tantrum, Emma refused to talk to her.  When her Grandma persisted in trying to determine what exactly was wrong, Emma said  (and I quote):

“Leave me alone!  Leave me alone you, you, you… nasty old wizard!”

Although I’m glad this is the worst thing in her verbal arsenal, it was still surprisingly insulting.  We gave my Mother our full support and explained to Emma how we needed to speak to each other with more respect.

Needless to say, we’ve also been calling my mother a “nasty old wizard” whenever the kids aren’t around.




  1. Hilarious!!

  2. These are the little things that you know are wrong, and yet, as a parent, you treasure. Funny!

    • Thank you. Sometimes it’s hard to give stern looks when you are fighting laughter at the same time…

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