Tempting as it is, don’t high five the cactus.

December 11, 2012

high five cactus

In our society, each stage of “growing up” has it’s own set of expected privileges.

In my teens it was the rights of driving and voting.  Then came the increased personal freedoms of my 20s.  My 30s have brought stability in terms of finances and family.  I have been grateful for each of these blessings as they came.  However, there is one additional perk that came as completely unexpected as it is welcome.

I’m finally old enough that nobody tries to give me high fives.

It’s wonderful.

As a somewhat awkward male, high fives always caught me by surprise.  They were never very natural.  Even worse, occasionally a fist bump would come my way and I would have no reaction other than an apology.

Not anymore, I’m too old.



  1. Gah, I just realised why my nine year-old son “leaves me hanging” all the time!

    • Ha ha!

      By the way – I keep checking flufflepot.com hoping you decide to start posting again. 🙂

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