Always insist on cultured pearls.

February 3, 2013

cultured pearls (fixed)

This little fellow is dressed up for a special occasion!  Last Friday marked the third anniversary of this blog.  Wow.  I’ve been posting for three years (with a few extended breaks) here at wordpress.  In honor of this modest milestone, here are a few blog stats:

  • total number of posts = 284
  • total number of comments = 986
  • total number of followers = 2,898
  • total number of visitors on busiest day = 3,252
  • total number of countries visitors came from = 148
  • total number of new babies in my household = 2
  • total number of comics published in national magazine = 1
  • total number of drawings that feature a stylish mustache = 26
  • total number of drawings that feature an unstylish mustache = doesn’t exist


Cool cool cool.


  1. Great blog! The little pictures, the little texts and the little captions.. all very interesting!

    • Thanks – I appreciate the kind words!

  2. Love the blog. Love the art form and its simplicity. Maybe you should do a book of these things? The kind of thing that would sell well around Christmas. Just a thought. Cheers. G.

    • I actually did make a book, but only 3 copies exist. 🙂
      My wife, grandmother, and father-in-law have the only copies I have printed.

  3. I note your work is licensed. Is that the same as a copyright or is it something different? Just curious as I’ve never seen that Creative Commons logo before. Cheers. G (follower 2,899!)

    • I’m a bit slow responding to our comment, but head over to http://creativecommons.org and you can read up on the licensing practices and the differences. If you blog, or post work online it’s a great resource!

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