Somebody is feeling lucky!

March 16, 2014

In early February, I received an email from a lovely young woman named Jay.  It read as follows:

Hey! So, recently I decided that I really wanted a lucky rabbit’s foot tattoo. Desperate for ideas, I tried a Google search. Luckily (ha ha),  I found your awesome sketch and fell in love. Your sketches are fantastic! I saw someone else had tattooed some of your artwork and I decided that I would join the club. And, well, I figured I’d send it to you!

Voila! Hope you dig it.



Here is a photo of Jay’s awesome new tattoo.

lucky rabbit foot unlucky rabbit

Here is the original comic (rotated for comparison and for people web surfing while lying in bed).

Well, I do dig it Jay!  I also think your tattooist did a great job creating  the illusion of depth with his/her shading technique.  It looks great and I am deeply honored to know that there are at least two people now permanently wearing one of my little pictures (here is the first).


  1. Those things are permanent. How are you going to feel about that when you’re 80?

    • Hi Leslie! I’m sure Jay gave it some thought before getting a tattoo.
      I’m also certain that Jay will have such a rich and full life that she will hardly leave her time to worry about it when she is 80. 🙂

      • Unfortunately 80 comes before you know it. Those tattoos will sag like everything else.

  2. the poor little rabbit.. but lucky girl having your artwork on her forever.

  3. That must be an honor to see your artwork on someone permanently! This is my first visit to you blog page and it’s a creative explosion! I had to/ have to doodle in class in order to concentrate and I am glad to see that there are other people out there who enjoy the little things like I do. I just created my first blog that I am hoping to keep up with! Wish me luck!

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      Good luck with the blog – if you notice the dates on my posts I sometimes have a hard time being consistent.

      I also have trouble concentrating. Drawing helps me focus. Many of my cartoons were actually drawn in meetings to keep me awake, alert, and (sort of) on task.

  4. Congratulations. That is incredible, a simple piece of art work that you made, was just so simple and clean for someone to tattoo their body with. I also loved what you said before that people think about their tattoos. & I have one too, and I believe tattoos are more than skin deep, and if they do give it a lot of thought it wont matter what it looks like in the end.

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  6. Все воплощается в жизнь.

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