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Few things can ruin a tough guy image like training wheels.

February 16, 2015

tough guy training wheels

Everyone knows that younger siblings emulate their older ones.  It’s an important part of child development and growth.  Small children learn by watching and then doing.

I know this.

I understand this.

The only problem is that our youngest (2 years old) is a boy and the older ones are both girls.  The result of this is that my son’s favorite hat in pink.  He enjoys dancing.  He loves sparkles.  His favorite dress-up clothes are actually just dresses.

He is only 2 years old.  He has no real gender identity yet.  He is simply imitating his beloved older sisters.

I know this.

I understand this.

I’ll just keep repeating these phrases to myself.  I’ll repeat them loud enough that I can’t hear him asking to have his nails repainted…