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Somebody is feeling lucky!

March 16, 2014

In early February, I received an email from a lovely young woman named Jay.  It read as follows:

Hey! So, recently I decided that I really wanted a lucky rabbit’s foot tattoo. Desperate for ideas, I tried a Google search. Luckily (ha ha),  I found your awesome sketch and fell in love. Your sketches are fantastic! I saw someone else had tattooed some of your artwork and I decided that I would join the club. And, well, I figured I’d send it to you!

Voila! Hope you dig it.



Here is a photo of Jay’s awesome new tattoo.

lucky rabbit foot unlucky rabbit

Here is the original comic (rotated for comparison and for people web surfing while lying in bed).

Well, I do dig it Jay!  I also think your tattooist did a great job creating  the illusion of depth with his/her shading technique.  It looks great and I am deeply honored to know that there are at least two people now permanently wearing one of my little pictures (here is the first).



April 18, 2012

I received an email about two weeks ago from a gentleman named Michael.   The message read:

“I hope you enjoy this! This is my first tattoo.  – Michael”

Wow!  I ‘m completely honored and flattered that someone would like one of these little drawings enough to have it permanently printed on their body.

However, Michael isn’t just anybody… he’s a bona fide rockstar!  His band, The Handsome Scoundrels have just released their first album.  If you have a few minutes, cruise over to their bandcamp page and take a listen.  If you live close enough to attend a live show – make him take off his shirt and flex.

Here is the original drawing: